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Delphi Dust In the Wind, CR (Bayberry's Sam I Am, CRX VIII ex DuRight's Red Dawn of Delphi, WRCh). Ashe (in the black 5 jacket) is from our 2004 litter (Sam ex Dawn). She is competing on the flat track and is very close in speed to her brother Beamer (in the blue 2 jacket). Click here for their pedigree. Bred by Del & Maggie Wasso. Myostatin N/N


Delphi Reason to Be, WRCh (Bayberry's Sam I Am, CRX VIII ex DuRight's Red Dawn of Delphi, WRCh). Beamer (in the blue 2 jacket) is a littermate to Ashe and K.I.A.. Beamer finished his racing championship in heavy competition. He is a determined racer, keen and quick; at home he is very sweet and easy to love. Bred by Del & Maggie Wasso. Myostatin N/N


Delphi Puttin' on the Ritz (Wheatland Quejica Kezo, WRChX, SORC, FCh ex Whillo B's Ruby Ridge, CRX). Buddy is our very affectionate boy out of our 2001 litter. Bred by Del & Maggie Wasso.


Lyth Celilo, WRChX, ORC (Galeforce Tilt O'Whirl, RCh, SORC, FCh (Myles) ex Lyth Mambo). CC (leading the pack in the red 1 jacket) has been a dream come true finishing her racing championship in a mere six WRA meets and has completed her WRChX as of April 2007, just shy of three years of age! She has a very sweet temperament, easy to live with, but on the track she's anything but a wall flower! She certainly gives it all she has and then some! Thank you to Tony for allowing this amazing whippet to grace our lives and home. Bred by Tony Lewis. Myostatin N/N.

CC produced our 2009 litter sired by Flag, click here to see the pedigree or here to see photos of the litter.


DuRight's Red Dawn of Delphi, WRCh (Queenie's White Sox, SORC, ARX ex Highland Tartan Tam, ARM, ORC). Dawn is the dam to our 2004 litter of which we kept three pups for ourselves. She accomplished her racing championship with great speed and intensity. She has an amazingly loving outlook on life, thinks she has to "mother" everyone and was an awesome mom to her pups. Bred by Rob Corner. Myostatin N/N


Delphi Point of Know Return, CRX  (Bayberry's Sam I Am, CRX VIII ex DuRight's Red Dawn of Delphi, WRCh). K.I.A. (in the green 4 jacket) is our Sammy look alike in a feminine version. She, like her sire and dam, is an easy to love and live with girl - her sense of humor is truly refreshing and she brings laughter to those who know her well. She also possesses much speed and is very keen. She completed her CRX and after whelping a litter at SaeSi in 2007 (see Lips below) she continues on the track. Bred by Maggie & Del Wasso. Myostatin N/N


SaeSi Talk Too Much at Delphi (SaeSi Aw You Dawg, CRX V, OTR, JC [ASFA & WRCh Ptd] ex Delphi Point of Know Return, CRX). Lips is the youngest at our home, full of vim, vigor and vitality (and lots of "naughty"). She is out of our own K.I.A. sired by Mary Magee & Gregg Gammie's boy Mouff (click here to see the rest of the litter). The litter had a "talk" theme for their names and BOY do they live up to it! A little blue brindle "goth" girl she is, always letting her presence be known. She is owned by us and co owned with Mary Magee. Bred by Mary. Myostatin N/N


Queenie's She's a Pepper Too, CRX III (Wheatland Orange Crush, ARM, SORC ex ). Pepper has been so much fun to race and live with. Little in body but by no means small in heart, she raced at a mere 18 1/2" and 22 lbs but boy did she run! She wasn't the fastest but what she lacked in speed she had double in desire! She has been retired from racing for sometime now but keeps the house in order, ruling with a gentle paw and usually from under the covers in our bed! Bred by Cheri Boutelle.


Bayberry's Sam I Am, CRX VIII, WRCh & AKC Ch Ptd (Galeforce Tilt O'Whirl, RCh, SORC, FCh ex Ch Allerei's The Cat's Meow). Sam was our first Myles' son and he has accomplished what few whippets can, he is racing championship (WRA) and show championship pointed (AKC Ch), his first show weekend out (at 6 months and 3 days of age) he received his first show win and went on to take Best of Breed over several top specials. His last show, at 7 years of age, he received reserve to a major out of the open class. He has shared his loving heart with his "Aunt Mary" who showed him for us, and whom he totally wooed over with his charm and good looks (he even has a page on her SaeSi website). Sam sired our 2004 litter (Ashe, Beamer & K.I.A.) out of Dawn. He is owned by us and co owned with Mary's son, Patrick Magee. Bred by Julie Ward. Myostatin N/N


Jilzan Adagio Thunderbolt, CRX (Galeforce Tilt O'Whirl, SRCh, SORC, FCh x Ch. Jilzan Peregrine Dream, SC, CRX). Thunder is our boy out of Jill Baum's girl "Peri" whom we had here to race for her some years back. Bred by Jill Baum and LaRee Johnson.


Delphi Justa Paper Tigger  (Wheatland Quejica Kezo, WRChX, SORC, FCh ex Whillo B's Ruby Ridge, CRX). Tigger is a littermate to Buddy and also is a great companion and happy in our home. Bred by Del & Maggie Wasso.


Whillo B's Ruby Ridge, CRX (Northern Wolf Vom Rauhen Meer SC, FCh ex  FC Chaparral's Bialy B Gone, CD, ARM, ORC, FCH, SC, CGC, AV). Vicki (in the green 4 jacket, photo by Gloria Goble) is our blue brindle bombshell. She was a wonderful mother (Tigger & Buddy) and still mothers everyone in the home. Vicki took agility classes when she was a pup, and while she learned quite a lot (including how to jump gates in the house with the greatest of ease) competition in that venue wasn't of interest for us. One of many comical things she does is to talk back when told to sit or down. Now normally this wouldn't be funny, but with this girl it is! She has a very sassy (in a fun way) attitude and we love her funny bark! She is a littermate to our Waco (in the red 1 jacket). Bred by Gloria Goble.


Whillo B's Patriot, CRX V (Northern Wolf Vom Rauhen Meer SC, FCh ex FC Chaparral's Bialy B Gone, CD, ARM, ORC, FCH, SC, CGC, AV). Waco loves the lure, racing runs through his veins just as the air fills our lungs. He is a littermate to our Vicki and both came to our home at 8 weeks of age - one is never enough you know! We enjoy this blue and white boy being a part of our lives and look forward to many more years. Bred by Gloria Goble.

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