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NEWS FLASH CC finished her Oval Racing Championship October 2010 at 6 1/2 years of age! She is now Lyth Celilo, WRChX, ORC. We couldn't be more proud of her! Out of her one litter, she already has a multi meet winning son (Delphi Rock U Like A Hurricane, WRCh) and we're looking forward to other littermates hitting the track in 2011.

CC's son, Delphi's Rock U Like a Hurricane (Indy) owned by the Kemerlys, completed his Whippet Racing Championship in style and short order! Congrats to him and his dedicated owners.

CC's daughter, Dephi's Freshly Squeezed at SaeSi (Juicee) owned by SaeSi, is now on the track and completed her CR award. We are looking forward to watching this pretty black girl and are enjoying her race training.

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The Whippet News is a monthly newsletter put out by the American Whippet Club, cah@gte.net for more info.

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