Who we are 

We are Maggie and Del Wasso.

Our whippets compete in the original purpose of the breed ... racing, but we don't stop there. We also attend select conformation events and host racing (with club sponsored fun matches), training sessions and race practices at our home which is situationed on 5 acres. To visit the race club's site, click the link to the right of this page. Group photo of Maggie and Del with (left to right) Dawn, Waco, Vicki, Jasper and Pepper taken by Larry Vano.


As a teen living in Chicago, Del worked stock & dog shows to earn spending money, doing  everything from shoveling cow and dog "droppings", to birthing calves. Working at the International Ampha Theater (this was in the back of the  yards stock shows & IKC dog shows) he saw his first whippets at age 16, this was in 1962. He fell in love!!!!!! 

Later, around 1965, he saw his first whippet race meet and that was the beginning of the end - or more accurately that was the start of a new beginning. He had to have one of those sprinting rockets! He obtained his first whippet that same year. Del started showing whippets in '71 or '72, his first real race contender was around '74 or '75. Since then a whippet has been by his side ... if not more than one!

The three dogs out of Del's past that he is the most proud of are (Poppy) Ch. Delphi Echo of Seymore (13 ARM pts) and her sire (Seymore...the  wonder whippet) Lincolinway Blueprint CD, and (Jack, the giant killer) Ch. Alpine Applejack who can still be found in many pedigrees. Above photo taken of Del during a race meet taking the lure back down the track.


Maggie is an avid reader of science fiction, an RN and does medical review/RUR/UR for workers comp. for an insurance company. However, her real interest is sports medicine and canine rehab. She has participated in agility and obedience, dabbles in conformation but prefers racing above all else. Maggie is the race secretary/treasurer for MWRA (Midwest Whippet Racing Association) and DR (Delphi Racing).

Above photo taken of Maggie during a race meet (far left) boxing two of the Delphi whippets, Ashe and Beamer.

How we met

Maggie tells about when she and Del met: "Del and I met in 1989 and were married in December of 1993. We met when I broke down in my car on the way to work and he was the only one who would help me, he drove his truck to the State Police Headquarters and told them where I was. We met in person shortly after that, and have been together since then. He was stubborn at first, but I convinced him that I was a deal he couldn't afford to pass up! <grin>" Between them they have six grand children. Del has two sons and a daughter (three grand children) and Maggie has two sons (three grand children).

Please visit our "our dogs" page for information on who we share our lives, home and hearts with.

Our Dogs' Photo Gallery...

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